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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What windows and doors are included in my estimate?


A. All windows and doors on the exterior walls of your home are included in your estimate. If you have a sunroom with glass or with easy breeze windows then the windows and doors on the outer walls of the main house will not be included in your estimate.



Q. Do You clean screens?


A. Screens are wiped down ridding them of cob webs etc.



Q. We have tint on some of our windows, does that change the cleaning process?


A. Certain cleaners can not be used on tinted windows such as ammonia. We use dawn dish soap to clean windows.



Q. Do you spray a cleaner on the windows using a water hose to clean the windows?


A. No, we clean all windows and doors by hand.



Q. Do you recommend cleaning windows and doors by using a pressure washer?


A. No, a pressure washer should not be used to clean windows. Using high pressure can cause water to get into the home as well as break the seal on double pane windows.



Q. When pressure washing, do you use enough pressure to peel the paint?


A. No, many people stay away from pressure washing their homes because they have encountered companies that use excessive water pressure which can cause damage to to your home.



Q. Do you clean the window sills?


A. Yes, we do clean the window sills.



Q. Do you clean blinds or shutters?


A. Unfortunately we do not provide these services.



Q. How do you price gutter cleaning?


A. Gutter pricing is based on the amount of gutters and the difficulty to reach the gutters. The pricing on your estimate card is based on if all of your gutters are completely full. Pricing is prorated based on the amount of debris in your gutters.



Q. Do you recommend gutter guards?


A. A major thing to consider when thinking about installing gutter guards is the pitch of your roof. The steeper your roof, the better chances that during a heavy storm most of the water will not go into your gutters.



Q. What type of gutter guards do you recommend?


A. Leaf Filter or Rain Flow work well, but again, if you have a steep roof, I do not recommend getting gutter guards.



Q. How often should I have my house pressure washed?


A. Pressure washing a home varies from home to home. The amount of trees around your home or if you are near a lake are factors to consider. Some customers have their home pressure washed once a year or every other year.



Q. Do you clean easy breeze windows?


A. Unfortunately we do not clean easy breeze windows.

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